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After-School Care @ Home
After-School Care @ Home
- a fabulous service for hard working parents! and for children/teenagers of any age...

Imagine...having your child/children, teens - collected from school, taken to training and other activities, or brought home to supervised play or study - living areas tidied and an evening meal prepared - ready for when you get home!

Working parents – single and couples - can greatly benefit from a child care package specifically designed to manage your child / children’s and your works concurrent activities. These can be negotiated for specific days and times (from 1 to 5 days per week), with a minimum of 4 hours per day - relieving the parents of the stress caused by either the tight end of session deadlines and limited activities of school based programs or constant demands on grandparents, friends or neighbours - to fill the gaps.


Carers are usually booked for one or two hours prior to school pick-up time to enable meal preparation and cooking, and any other light household duties (tidying family or games rooms, hanging out or folding laundry, changing children’s bed linen etc.) which you would like to be included in the available time.

Your child is supervised from your home with activities, homework or play - all managed by your personal After-School Carer.

Use of the carer’s own car for transport to and from activities within the designated times would require reimbursement of travel costs at the ATO specified rate - currently AUD$0.80 cents per kilometer - in addition to the hourly fee.

* Henrietta’s Help @ Home promotes equal opportunity across all activities and operations.


Qualified male child care, teachers / nurses and carers for aged people are increasingly in demand. Please let HHH know if there is a preference for a male or female carer for your booking.


Our agency staff network and client list are culturally diverse. Many of our staff are multilingual and speak languages other than English. Let us know if there is an additional language requirement for your booking.


Henrietta’s Help @ Home will work continuously to provide you with best possible match to your family’s needs and a reliable, memorable experience.


We want …our help - in your home…again and again.


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