Henrietta’s Help @ Home (HHH) agency understands

these goals and has carers available to assist managing

daily life.*

Aged Support:

Assistance varies widely from:

  • occasional help with household tasks (cleaning, gardening or cooking)

  • assistance with shopping or to attend appointments (medical or social)

  • providing sensitive company and conversation for those living alone, or

  • to give regular care when a regular carer may be away or ill

Short term repeat visits may be required following illness or injury when transitioning back home after hospitalization, when adjusting to a new residence following downsizing and moving to a new area, or adjusting to life following bereavement.

Aged Care:

HHH has carers available covering the range of skills and expertise from aged companions (see information above) to highly qualified and experienced care professionals - able to provide personal or nursing care which may include


  • assisting with mobility issues

  • pain and wound management and

  • medication management

Our staff selection processes are rigorous and ongoing to ensure the safest, most rewarding outcomes.

When irreversible partner illness is present, respite for the primary carer /companion or spouse to have time away from the home, can be provided. The presence of a competent professional provides the reassurance needed for the primary carer to be able to have time away. This may be for a few hours or an in house stay if required.

Where the HHH carer’s own car is used for activities, reimbursement of travel costs at the ATO specified rate (currently $0.80 cents per kilometre) in addition to the hourly fee is required.

Henrietta's Help @ Home (HHH) agency provides high quality, reliable and safe child care, aged care and a range of domestic services to private homes on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Aged Care
- including Aged Support & Aged Carers

* Henrietta’s Help @ Home promotes equal opportunity across all activities and operations.


Qualified male child care, teachers / nurses and carers for aged people are increasingly in demand. Please let HHH know if there is a preference for a

male or female carer for your booking.


Our agency staff network and client list are culturally diverse. Many of our staff are multilingual and speak languages other than English. Let us know if there

is an additional language requirement for your booking.


Henrietta’s Help @ Home will work continuously to provide you with best possible match to your family’s needs and a reliable, memorable experience.


We want …our help - in your home…again and again.


Don’t forget to check out our full list of services.


Many older people make the decision to stay in their own familiar homes or in an independent living style, aware that they may have to deal with an occasional accident or illness or even when a life’s partner has passed on. This is accompanied by a strong desire to stay engaged with friends, family and the community.

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