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Fees & Staff Payment
Henrietta’s Help @ Home (HHH) operates as an agency with the principle income generated from fees paid by clients who request single, reoccurring or specified contract placements of specialist staff and carers, previously screened and recommended by the agency.


New client registration fee:

$65.00 (non refundable) -

includes written proposal / agreement and meet'n'greet (child care, elder care, aged care), site visit and staff introduction (cleaning / home management) or first attendance as applicable.

$29.50 (registration & insurance) per attendance thereafter for any subsequent agency bookings

Casual bookings fee:

$45.00 per booking e.g. wedding nanny, wedding carer, event staff ( includes individual written Agreement, confirmation, rostering/recruitment, insurance).
Hospitality bookings require casual booking fee, plus additional attendance fee for each additional staff member required (e.g. casual booking fee plus 2 wait staff, one bar staff = $45.00 plus 3 x $29.50 per staff member (plus hourly rate specified in Agreement to staff members - paid at conclusion of event)

Recruitment fee - by negotiation

When the agency is instructed to search/advertise and place a candidate to fulfil an employment contract with the client, whereby the staff member then becomes the client’s employee under terms set out by Fair Work Australia (i.e. inclusive of superannuation, holiday and leave conditions etc).

Additional fees:

Annual contract fee:

Where HHH agency manages performance review, registration oversight, ongoing training and contract renewal for a permanent or ongoing contract, further fees may apply

Introduction/interview fee:

$40 per candidate

Applies where a client requires 1 or more candidates for interview to fulfill a permanent or ongoing placement

Cancellation fees for confirmed bookings:

$29.50 - 24-36 hours prior to commencement (agency cost)

$29.50 plus one staff hour – less than 24 hours prior to commencement (i.e agency cost plus one hour to staff member towards loss of income).

$29.50 plus 2 staff hours – less than 4 hours prior to commencement

(i.e. agency cost plus 2 hours to staff member towards loss of income)


Payments to Henrietta Help @ Home:

  • bank transfer to our bank account with bank email confirmation to be received  by the agency before the booking is finalized with the nominated staff member

  • automatic debit schedule for regular or ongoing placements


Please note:

It is the client’s responsibility to advise HHH agency if:

  • going away (cease and restart dates to be provided)

  • service not required (public or other holidays)

  • termination or conclusion of service previously not advised


To avoid error or misunderstanding HHH agency cannot take

instruction from staff members regarding

client's bookings or changes.



Henrietta’s Help @ Home Staff payment:

  • HHH staff are either self-employed, independent sub-contractors or following negotiated ongoing appointment, become directly employed by our clients.

  • All staff/carers must be paid at the completion of each day’s attendance unless otherwise negotiated

  • Payments are paid in cash, by cheque or transferred to the HHH staff members nominated bank account.

  • Payments should not be made to HHH agency unless by prior arrangement

  • Self-employed or subcontractor staff members may have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and request to invoice clients for their services.

HHH agency maintains a continuous recruitment program, ongoing staff performance review and professional development, as well as all advertising and administration expenses.

Current recruitment policy also includes ensures education and disseminating information regarding the Child Safety Standards implemented by the Victorian Government effective 1 January 2017. For more information see - The Commission for Children and Young People

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