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Baby and Child Care

Baby & Child Care
"We know life is busy and hectic.
We are here to take away all your stress around the short term and regular care of your children"
  • Babysitting

  • Nannies & Mannies

  • After-School Care at Home

Henrietta’s Help @ Home  (HHH) never underestimates the perceptive skills and dedication needed to work with babies and children.

Requirements to be a HHH’s babysitter, nanny or manny only start with confirmed Police Clearance, Working With Children Card, First Aid certificates and reliable reference checks. Many of our staff have additional qualifications and/or experience in specialist baby, behavioural, dietary and medical areas (including food allergies, anaphylaxis, asthma, autism and ADD/ADHD.

The HHH process incorporates continuous review not only for governance purposes, but to ensure that the most experience and respected staff have the opportunity to pursue their chosen careers – with you!

Our benchmarks exceed the standards set out by the Australian Nanny Association (ANA) – the national peak body for the sector. In addition, all our staff will have access to continuous professional development and updates on regulatory changes.

HHH differentiates and matches the greatly varying needs of babies and children – from newborns, toddlers and preschooler's to older school children - and the fees charged for the service reflect the skills and qualifications required.

We request you are available to discuss these needs at the time of your initial booking, along with your baby or child’s special needs. Although the details will be discussed directly with your appointed baby sitter or nanny/manny - any ‘house rules’ which apply to children’s behaviours and activities which may impact on our matching to the most appropriate HHH staff member, will also assist in achieving the best outcome.

You will always be advised in advance the name of the attending agency staff member.

Our agency Code of Conduct specifies that our staff member calls you 24 hours ahead of your booking to confirm the time and address details.


Baby sitters:

- for when you need someone to care for your children in the evening.

Our qualified baby sitters expect to read stories or have play activities with children until bedtime, then manage your usual routine. Babies will be changed and bottle fed in line with your instructions.

Baby sitters are responsible for checking babies and children every half hour – regardless of age. We recommend that parents make the final check with the baby sitter before departure to confirm the safe transition.

It is outside of the scope of a babysitting booking to cook, feed or bathe children.

Please advise the agency if this is your need at the time of booking.  The additional charge - at daytime nanny

rates can be quoted - effective until babysitting duties are commenced/recommenced.

A signed authority and specific instructions to administer any medications is a legal requirement – a Medication Authorization Register - will be provided for you to instruct and sign with your babysitter.

Baby sitters
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