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Nannies & Mannies*
Nannies & Mannies

"The range of opportunities to engage an experienced, qualified Nanny or Manny to fit into the jigsaw puzzle of daily life are endless".


Nannies/Mannies may help out for short term or long term, after school, overnight or weekend, with live out or live in arrangements -  individually designed to best suit your needs.

Nannies /Mannies will support the activities of the household as well as care for the child/children including –

  • school pick up, driving to extracurricular and social activities - (either using the client's vehicle, or with addition of ATO mileage equivalent - currently AUD$0.80 cents per kms reimbursement for use of HHH staff member's vehicle)

  • errands and light shopping, meal & snack preparation and serving

  • dishwasher rotations and tidying kitchen

  • reader books/homework/training or music practice supervision

  • participation in non-screen games, and constructive play

  • behaviour management and problem solving

  • light household duties (if attending during school hours) include assisting with folding clothes, changing bedlinen and tidying family and play areas

Duties should be defined by  your nanny/manny's roles as an assistant in the supervision and development of your children’s activities.

Scope of role - Exclusions:

Nannies and mannies are not required to perform in the role of cleaners or be required to perform any tasks which involve heavy lifting or climbing (ladders). This is an Occupational Health & Safety standard and may compromise insurance claims if accident or injury occur.

HHH agency can supply you with reliable, referred cleaners on a daily, weekly or for special cleans if required.


Where babies/new borns and toddlers (i.e. not toilet trained or less than 3 years old) are included – responsibilities also include –

  • changing nappies and empty nappy bins

  • bottle sterilization and management of feeding routine

  • assisted toileting

  • bathing and sleep supervision

  • reporting of developmental milestones and behavioural patterns

Henrietta’s Help @ Home is continuously recruiting the services of

  • child care and specialist nurses qualified as mothercraft nurses and night nannys and

  • child carers experienced in working with children with physical disabilities or experiencing behavioural challenges,


to join our team.


We will post information through Facebook as these services become available.


* Henrietta’s Help @ Home promotes equal opportunity across all activities and operations.

Qualified male child care, teachers / nurses and carers for aged people are increasingly in demand. Please let HHH know if there is a preference for a male or female carer for your booking.


Our agency staff network and client list are culturally diverse. Many of our staff are multilingual and speak languages other than English. Let us know if there is an additional language requirement for your booking.


Henrietta’s Help @ Home will work continuously to provide you with best possible match to your family’s needs and a reliable, memorable experience.


We want …our help - in your home…again and again.


Don’t forget to check out our full list of services.

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