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Hospitality Support
 - Hospitality Support

How often have you felt that you missed your own dinner party, celebration or special occasion, while you were either stuck in the kitchen or making sure everyone else – but you – had something to eat and drink!!

Please don’t let it happen again…

Henrietta’s Help @ Home (HHH) agency has experience wait staff, bar staff and kitchen help to take over these responsibilities and leave you to enjoy the company of your guests.

This can also apply to larger private events - including weddings, special religious occasions, large birthday parties etc. - where additional baby sitters or nannies can also be booked to look after guest’s babies and children – usually in a separated area from the adult guests.

Consistent with HHH’s rigorous and ongoing staff selection process - all hospitality staff have provided proof of identity, a current Police Clearance, relevant qualifications and experience, attended an interview and had their reputation confirmed by previous employers - before they are recommended for work. They will have also signed a binding Henrietta’s Help @ Home Code of Conduct to meet the agency’s work standards and ethos before they are appointed to come to your home.


To provide coordinated, discrete, highly professional service - information regarding:

  • purpose/style of event

  • number of guests

  • required food preparation/plating up/serving

  • clean up and repacking of hired equipment and

  • hours of attendance required

will need to be discussed at the time of booking.

Henrietta's Help @ Home can advise on the ratio of staff required for each occasion.

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