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Staff Selection

While the agency itself is new, Henrietta's Help @ Home is committed to enlisting staff with a proven record in the required fields.


HHH values highly its staff selection processes and matching individuals to the specifications of the client household.

Through HHH management a strong, interactive selection process, not only confirms an applicants’ qualifications and regulatory requirements are in place, but that their personal priorities and values are aligned with HHH’s work ethic and vision.

Eligibility to attend your home:

HHH staff members will have demonstrated:

  • Minimum age of18 years’ old

  • Current Police Check

  • Completed the HHH Application form providing accessible, relevant referees

  • Attended a face-to-face interview with an HHH executive


2021 Update re: Covid-19

As per the requirements authorized and updated by State, Federal governments in line with recommendations by Health authorities, all HHH staff are required to provide proof of vaccination and any additional requirements relevant to their duties. 
HHH also reserves the right to refuse service or entry into locations or premises deemed unsafe for our staff. 


Provided regulatory requirements applicable to service areas e.g.

  • Working with Children Card

  • Level 2 First Aid qualification (minimum) and 3 yearly renewal

  • CPR qualification - annual renewal

  • Certificate III in Individual Support* or higher 

  • *(replaces former Certificate III qualifications in Aged Care, Disability and Home and Community Care HACC)

  • Specialist education or nursing qualifications

  • Hospitality or responsible serving of alcohol certificates

  • Other relevant qualifications or proof of experience.


In addition, HHH agency staff will have…


signed an acceptance of the Henrietta's Help @ Home Code of Conduct  - a binding

agreement which specifies the procedures, protocols and behaviour code expected to represent HHH

- in your home.

The HHH management process incorporates continuous review and professional development opportunities not only for governance purposes, but to ensure that the most experience and respected staff have the opportunity to develop and pursue their chosen careers – with you!


Follow up and feedback:

HHH will contact clients following the attendance by staff to confirm that the brief has been met for one-time or short term positions, and at regular intervals for longer term placements.

While every attempt will be made to ensure a positive, productive relationship builds between HHH and its clients, it is also inherent that clients have fair and reasonable expectations, provide clear instructions (preferably in writing) especially where the client has very specific needs for children, property features or management and definitely - where special needs or medical care - are required.

Medication Authorization Registers are provided for your authorization.

Henrietta's Help @ Home agency will work with all parties to ensure the most successful outcomes.

You are always welcome to contact the office (03 97661099) to discuss any of your requirements, concerns or for information regarding fees.

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